3684025770_8143d3c7b0_oWhen you are launching a product, there is a distinct advantage to being an authority on the product you are selling. Let us be clear here, being an authority is not the same thing as being an expert. An expert often has a lot of knowledge and experience on a topic, but people do not necessarily listen. An authority, on the other hand, is an expert that people listen to. Here you will see how being an authority can work for you during your product launch.

Being an authority has another appeal besides gaining trust and loyalty: it defines the mission of your company, and drowns out any associated stereotypes for your product.  For instance, if you are bringing a new pen to the market, your established authority and associated mission tells everyone that’s it’s not just a pen, it’s a better pen. All you will have to do is talk about how you made it better.

As an authority with a mission, you will be making the conversations, not just participating in them as part of your product launch. People will listen when you say that this is the conversation we should be having. This conversation is literally the platform of your product launch, and people are listening from minute one because you are an authority.

After you have earned the position as an authority on a topic, you will find that launching your new products becomes easier. When you are an authority on a product before the product launch, people tend to do your marketing for you. You can imagine your customers and potential customers will spread the word about how your product is better.

Being an authority on a topic is part being an expert, but also part confidence and attitude. As an expert, you will show that you know your topic, products, and field inside and out.