Creation Myth



The disconnect between creating new ideas and having them commercialized is discussed in this piece by Malcom Gladwell.  How should organizations create an environment that promotes idea generation and exploration without letting management stifle that creativity by thinking too short term?  Here is the link: Creation Myth

The Interest of Tech Patents


Two tech goliaths, Microsoft and Facebook, have joined forces to acquire more patents.  An interesting merge of companies to combat Google’s presence… and…. 1/2 the deal is now paid for…in less than a month.

Nick Wingfield writes, “The agreement between Microsoft and Facebook, announced on Monday, came less than two weeks after Microsoft agreed to pay more than $1 billion for 925 patents held by AOL. In a second deal, Microsoft said it had turned around and sold 70 percent of those same patents — about 650 in all — to Facebook for $550 million in cash, along with rights to 275 AOL patents Microsoft plans to retain.”

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The Bell Labs Miracle


A very interesting read about the history of innovation in America, and the influence of Bell Labs.  Jon Gertner writes “… to consider the legacy of Bell Labs is to see that we should not mistake small technological steps for huge technological leaps….”  Read The Full Article Here