shoeA sound growth strategy is an important component to any successful business venture. A company without a growth strategy risks losing market share as other, more competitive, businesses emerge with aggressive expansion plans.

Here are a few growth strategy tips.

1. Focus on what works. Consider your current portfolio of products and/or services. Which ones are selling the most? Which ones have the highest market share? Focus on those offerings in terms of marketing and expansion. It’s tempting to have a “pet” offering that a company absolutely loves. But if the market doesn’t love it, focus on something else.

2. Make growth part of the company culture. Executive management, as the leaders of the business, has to decide that growth is imperative. Communicate that goal to stakeholders, employees and shareholders. Ensure that business growth is a key objective of the company, and that everyone who is part of the company understands that. The successful business grows as a result of a growth-oriented mindset.

3. You don’t know until you test. You may think that you have a winner with a new product or service, but the fact of the matter is that you won’t know until you test it. New offerings should not be assumed to be successful. Instead they should be tested to see if they work. This is not only true for new additions to your portfolio, but to new advertisements and marketing strategies as well. Test these new initiatives out first, before investing excessive capital into them. By focusing only on what is successful, the company has a higher probability for growth.

A solid growth strategy, complete with a marketing campaign oriented towards maximizing top line income, is absolutely necessary to the long-term success of any company.  Contact us for further insight on effective business growth strategies.